What happens when one engages in mindfulness-based practices?

Since the l970’s, due to their reported benefits to health and well being, interest in and application of mindfulness practices have increased exponentially.  However, only recently have these practices begun to be subject to rigorous testing and analysis in large sample randomized clinical trials in order to validate their beneficial impacts on physical and mental health, on professional and personal relationships, and on development and learning. 

In addition, new imaging and other technologies are allowing scientists to observe directly the neuronal activity in the brain associated with these practices as well as the impact of mindfulness practices on the chemistry and indeed structure of the brain, thus providing an understanding of the biological foundation for the beneficial effects of mindfulness practices.

Who can benefit from a course in mindfulness?

  • Any group or organization such as professionals in the field of business, education, health care, police departments, fire departments, government officials, department of corrections, nursing homes...  
  • Anyone who wants to investigate mindfulness with others. No affiliation with a group is necessary and no need to be a professional in any area.   

To see what studies tell us, visit the links below:

National Institutes of Health on Meditation

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
This site presents a sample of the results from investigations seeking to uncover more of what mindfulness can offer to enhance human well-being. There are numerous studies cited. download PDF

American Mindfulness Research Association
Their mission is to (1)support empirical and conceptual efforts to: stablish an evidence base for the process, practice and construct of mindfulness; (2) to promote best evidence based standards for the use of mindfulness research and its applications. 

Mindfulness Meditation alleviates depressive symptoms in women with fibromyalgia: Results of a randomized clinical trial


Mindfulness practice leads to increases in regional brain grey matter density and Mindfulness Changes Brain Structure