What You Will Learn

In each MBSR class you will learn techniques that remind you to return to the present moment. Practicing these techniques will increase your ability to make conscious choices rather than react unconsciously to events in your life. Your life becomes your laboratory for self experimentation. Classes include the following:

  • lectures on such topics as explorations of patterns of thinking, feeling and action, neurobiology, stress physiology, and interpersonal communication

  • guided stress reduction practices such as silent sitting with various foci of concentration and "choiceless awareness", mindful walking and body scan

  • mindful movement

  • group sharing

  • Q and A section

Benefits of MBSR

Published research indicates that the majority of people who complete the eight-week MBSR program report the following:

  • They have a greater ability to cope effectively with both short and long term stressful situations.

  • They feel less judgmental and critical of themselves and of others.

  • They report a decrease in the frequency and length of medical visits to hospitals and other professional health-care providers.

  • They decrease their use of prescription and non-prescription medications.

  • They feel they are better able to manage fear, anger, anxiety, and depression both at home and at work.

  • They report lasting decreases in physical and psychological symptoms.

  • They have an increased ability to relax.

  • They have a greater energy and enthusiasm for life.

People taking the MBSR class come from all walks of life, but they share one thing in common: the desire to find more calm, ease, peace of mind and sense of equanimity in their lives. It has been a valuable resource for thousands of people, and it may be for you as well.  

Class Option:

The MBSR classes meet once a week for 8 weeks. Each class lasts 2.5 hours. 
Between the 6th and 7th session on a Saturday or Sunday there is an all day session referred to as a retreat.  This is an opportunity for you to practice the techniques learned for an extended period of time.  

This course is experiential and interactive. For the program to be effective, you are asked to engage in mindfulness practices and/or mindful movement for 30-45 minutes a day between sessions with the assistance of instructional audios that are provided with the course. In addition, regular attendance and active participation in all sessions including the day long retreat is expected for you to get the most out of the course. 

Course Offered:

Beginning Tuesday, April 2, 2019
At Stowe Yoga Center, 515 Moscow Rd. Stowe, VT
Held at 6:00-8:30 p.m., every Tuesday, 4/2-5/21
with one all day retreat 5/11
Price $420
Register by 3/29/19

Beginning Wednesday, April 3, 2019
At Stillpoint Center, 7 Kilburn St. Suite 305 Burlington, VT
Held at 6:00-8:30 p.m., every Wednesday, 4/3-5/22
with one all day retreat 5/11
Price $420
Register by 3/30/19

Beginning Thursday, April 4, 2019
At Vergennes Movement, 179 Main St. Vergennes, VT
Held at 6:00-8:30 p.m., every Thursday, 4/4-5/23
with one all day retreat 5/11
Price $420
Register by 3/31/19


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